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Pitch Afrique

PitchAfrique brings together the most innovative early stage founders from the African continent. Applications are open to startups focused on leveraging technology by removing friction to the adoption of financial services by the underserved market segment.

The winning ideas will be presented at the ePayments Afrique 2022 Conference, Exhibition and Award Ceremony. For more info fill form below.


To participate as a candidate kindly fill in the form below, to participate as an event sponsor, an investment partner/award sponsor kindly send an email to


The “PitchAfrique” competition is open to any early-stage startup (less than 36 months old) with a focus on Africa. The competition, will be organised online with the support of operational partners, the award ceremony will take place in the city of Abidjan. Prizes will be in cash. Regional and International Investors will participate in the final rounds of the selection. The following awards will be presented during the ePaymentsAfrique Conference, Exhibition and Award Ceremony:

Africa Grand Prize

Best use of technology to expand financial services

Innovation Award (not fintech)

Most innovative/disruptive use of technology to resolve an existing market problem

People Award

Best use of technology to empower Africans with affordable financial services across Africa

Houphouët Boigny Award

Best use of technology to enhance regional integration

PitchAfrique Award

Most impressive use of technology in education and health

PitchAfrique Regulator of the year award

Most thoughtful, impactful policy of the year by a regulating authority (No need for submission)

PitchAfrique fintech of the year

Industry milestone event of the year award (no need for submission)

PitchAfrique Lifetime award for outstanding excellence

This prize is awarded to a company that has enhanced the life of Africans significantly by the provision of financial technology service. (No Need For Submission)


  • Founders must reside in Africa.

  • All candidates will be informed of results after evaluation phase.

  • Pre-selected candidates will be evaluated and receive expert advice (mentors) to prepare for the big pitch.


  • Submission of interest (Via the webform on the website)

  • Submission of applications (for the selected applicants)

  • Big Pitch; This is the stage of the competition where each shortlisted candidate will present and defend their projects to a grand jury online.

  • Nominated candidates will be invited to present a final pitch at the ePayments Afrique 2022 Conference, Exhibition and Award Ceremony For the entities that fall under the No Need For Submission group, 5 years is the age limit

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